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Primary School

Ashmole Primary School Uniform

At Ashmole Primary we are committed to the principle that all pupils should wear formal school uniform. There are important reasons for this:

a. Uniform creates a sense of community cohesion

b. Wearing uniform allows identification in the local community

c. Uniform creates a sense of formality and professionalism

We have made every effort to make our uniform both attractive and affordable.  Having chosen to send your child to a school that has high standards of uniform, we ask that parents/carers take the responsibility for ensuring that their child is in full correct uniform each school day.

Uniform Requirements for all pupils

School Uniform

  • Navy school sweatshirt or navy school cardigan with school logo
  • White school polo shirt with school logo
  • Grey trousers or grey pinafore dress/skirt
  • Grey shorts or school dress (summer optional)
  • Black shoes
  • Black/navy blue coat
  • Grey socks/ grey tights or white socks


A school book bag (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2).

A school rucksack (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 ONLY).

P.E. Kit

  • White school ‘T’ shirt with school logo
  • Navy shorts
  • Plimsolls/ trainers
  • Navy blue winter tracksuit bottoms (optional)

All clothing must be clearly labelled with your child’s name. No nail varnish, make up or tattoos.

All PE clothing must be in a named PE bag.


Hair Styles

Hair must be kept clean, neat and tidy in line with our high standards of uniform. Cult or eccentric styles are not permitted.  Any colouring must be of a natural shade and of a single shade. No fashion designs or lines in eyebrows are permitted. Hair jewellery, only navy, white, yellow, green or black bands or clasps to hold hair back, are permitted.  Religious headwear must be plain black or navy.

All long hair must be tied away from the face in all practical activities for health and safety reasons.



For reasons of safety and security, the only acceptable items of jewellery are:

  • A wristwatch
  • A small religious token worn inside the polo shirt
  • A small flat plain silver/gold stud in pierced ears (1 per ear) These must be taken off in P.E. lessons. No body piercing is allowed [except in ears].

The school will take action against pupils not conforming to these rules.  If this is not possible, due to exceptional circumstances, parents/carers should contact the school immediately in writing.  Variations in uniform for medical reasons will need to be supported by a doctor’s note.

Full school uniform must be worn at all times during the day, and to and from school.  The only exception to this is, when playing sports at break and lunchtimes, plimsolls/ trainers may be worn.

There may be times where for some individuals variations are permitted to the uniform policy for example, reasonable adjustments will be made, as appropriate to support pupils with a disability.

Any request to outwardly manifest a religious/cultural observance which is not expressly covered by this policy should be made to the Head Teacher.  Any such request will be carefully considered taking into account the school’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

In order to keep the Ashmole school uniform affordable for parents/carers, the number of branded items required have been kept to a minimum. Furthermore, for families on low incomes, second-hand uniform can be supplied by the school upon request.

Lyons School Shop

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