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Primary School

The School Day


The Early Years timetable will be discrete due to the requirements of the EYFS curriculum.  Pupils will not necessarily attend assemblies or break times with the rest of the school. 

It is recommended that children in EYFS continue their learning both indoors and outdoors throughout the morning and afternoon sessions and do not share break periods with the rest of the school.  This is in order that their learning is not interrupted.  Nevertheless it may be regarded as important for social and pastoral reasons that some time is shared with KS1.

 KS1   TIMETABLE: 8.50am – 3.15pm


8.50 am – 9.00 am


 1st Session

9.00 am – 9.50 am

 (Guided) Reading for Whole School  (30mins) + support for spelling

 2nd Session

9.50 am – 10.50 am

 Literacy or Maths


10.50 am – 11.10 pm


 3rd Session

11.10 pm – 12.10 pm

 Literacy or Maths


12.10 pm – 1.10 pm



1.10 pm – 1.25 pm


 4th Session

 5th Session

1.10 pm – 2.25 pm

2.25 pm – 3.15 pm

 Foundation Subjects followed by  Show & Tell