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Primary School

Ashmole Primary School – Staffing September 2022

Head Teacher

Mr Tofallis

Deputy Head Teacher Miss Costas (Early Years Foundation Stage Leader, Key Stage One Leader School Council and PSHE) 
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Toal (Assistent Head Teacher, Year 5 Teacher, Key Stage Two Leader and SENCO)
Reception Class Teacher

Miss Popova

Reception Class Teacher Miss Powell (Early Years foundation stage shadow leader)
Year One Class Teacher Miss Burke
Year One Class Teacher Mrs Aliberti
Year Two Class Teacher

Mrs Charalambous and Mrs Pavlakos

Year Two Class Teacher

Mr Evaghoras

Year Three Class Teacher Mrs Pavlou
Year Three Class Teacher

Mr Constantinides

Year Four Class Teacher

Miss Sauka

Year Four Class Teacher

Miss Yianni

Year Five Class Teacher Mrs Toal & Mrs Watkins
Year Five Class Teacher Miss Macdonald (English Leader)
Year Six Class Teacher

Mrs Leo (Maths Leader)

Year Six Class Teacher

Mr Bonallo (English Leader)

HLTA Mrs Majevadia
HLTA Mrs Morreale
HLTA Mrs Demetri
HLTA Miss Tibbs
HLTA Mrs Cofie
HLTA Miss Alkiviadou

Mrs Rodrigues

TA Mr Ali 

Mrs Medway

TA Mrs F Ahmet
TA Mrs Wogan
TA Mrs Kamal-Uddin
TA Miss Kaya

Mrs Keshini

TA Mrs McDowell
TA Mrs Chatzovoulou
TA Mrs Webb
TA Mrs Kumar
TA Mrs Kamdar
TA Ms Themistokli
TA Mrs Horan
TA Mrs Davies
TA Miss Walsh
TA Ms Themistokli
TA Mrs Christoforou
TA Mrs Dogantimur
Music Miss Beacon
IT Mrs Evans
Office Staff – HT PA/ Administration Mrs Andrews
Senior Clerical Assistant Mrs Mittins
Senior Finance Assistant Miss Zimmerman Moles
Lettings Mrs Arvstrand
Play Leaders

Miss Walsh, Ms Themistokli, Mrs F Ahmet, Coach Anna and Sports Coaches, Mrs Wogan, Mrs Aresti, Mrs Man, Mrs Davies, Miss Eagle, Mrs E Ahmet and Mrs Magda.

Welfare Officer/ Administration Mrs Mustafa 
Chef Manager Miss Dean
Kitchen Assistant Miss Hawkes
Kitchen Assistant Mrs Luxman
Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs Urso Baiarda, Miss Kafizas, Coach Anna and Sports Coaches, Mrs Aresti, Miss Walsh, Mrs Wogan, Ms Silva, Miss Paphitis, Mrs Magda and Miss Gosia

Cleaners Atlantic Cleaning
Caretaker – Health and Safety and Premises Mr Di Francia and Mrs Sidarenou