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Primary School


Ashmole Primary will provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, compliant with the National Curriculum.  A wide range of subjects will be taught focusing on the development of knowledge, understanding and sills, with a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and designed to ensure that pupils of all abilities will excel.  A curriculum where pupils develop knowledge, understanding and skills through the teaching of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, RE, PSHE, Geography, History, Music, Art, Design & Technology, Spanish and Physical Education will be taught, where relevant links will be made between subjects. There will be daily lessons in English and Mathematics.  The use of ICT/Computing will be incorporated across the curriculum and the whole school curriculum will be underpinned by social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, with a values based and inclusive approach.  There will be the highest expectations for the behaviour and safety of the pupils at Ashmole Primary.  The highest emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of the key skills of reading, writing and oral communication in literacy, which will be evidenced through pupils’ work across all curriculum areas.  In addition the teaching of Mathematics will focus on age appropriate mathematical knowledge as a starting point, with high expectations for a level of mastery in each year group and an application of mathematical skills acorss the curriculum.  The Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) will follow the EYFS curriculum with a planned transition into Year 1 where pupils will progress on to the National Curriculum.  The work children undertake will be planned by the class  teacher according to the school schemes of work; prepared by subject leaders.  Pupils will therefore be provided with a curriculum that will enable them to gain the essential knowledge they need to become educated citizens.  There will be a daily act of collective worship.

At Key Stage 2 there will be increasingly more specialist subject teaching particuarly in those areas which my be less well taught by non-specialists for example, Science PE, Music and Spanish.  Spanish has been chosen as the language to teach from Year 3 as that is the main language as Ashmole Primary.  Pupils will also be exposed to the teaching of Spanish in Key Stage 1 through weekly short lessons.  The mastering of Spanish will provide a good basis to learn other languages later.  At Ashmole Academy, from Year 8 onwards German and French are taught as well as Spanish.

Ashmole Primary will have excellent grounds for sporting use and the development of sporting talent.  Sport coaches and trained PE teachers will work with the primary school from Reception teaching lessons, running after school clubs and running competitive sports.  The school will have access to all the sporting facilities of the Academy and can become the primary school sporting hub for all the schools in the area which may lack those facilities.  The primary school will be a specialist centre for the teaching of Music at primary education.


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