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Primary School

Ashmole Primary Parents and Teachers Association (APPTA)

The Ashmole Primary Parents and Teachers Association (APPTA) arranges a variety of social, educational and money raising functions throughout the year for the benefit of our children attending Ashmole Primary School. All parents/carers of children attending the school are automatically members and are welcome to attend the regular meetings to discuss events.

Dear Families and Friends of Ashmole Primary School,

The Ashmole Primary PTA have been given the responsibility to "help organise events and functions held within the school", and to "raise the profile and build on the funds of the school."

We are excited about the potential of our PTA, and with your support and help, we can work towards creating exciting and fun events, building on the community we have amongst staff and families, and helping to assist in the development and future of Ashmole Primary School, as well as create a legacy for generations to come.

The APPTA is a formal committee, which will be working alongside Mr Tofallis and the rest of the Ashmole Primary School team, specifically with the staff representatives.

There are a number of committee members who hold positions, which are
voted/elected in.

They are as follows:

CHAIR - Celeste Menich

VICE CHAIR - Roza Aufogul

SECRETARY - Rosalind Tsang

VICE SECRETARY - Andria Themistokli

TREASURER - Sally Dang

ELECTED TRUSTEE - Dale Wightman 


Class Reps


ORION - Andria Themistokli & Inci Rustem

CALYPSO - Karen Livingstone & Golnaz Franklin

Year 1

LUNA - Shivani Patel & Leena Bakooree

NOVA - Leila Wishart & Sarah Platts-Mill

Year 2

LYRA - Joanne Leach

CARINA - Irina Suleyman & Nesli Omur

Year 3

LYNX - Ruksana Kamal-Uddin

ASTRA - Rachel Barr

Year 4

COSMO -Tina Reynolds

APOLLO - Pos Apostolou



What is the role of a PTA?

PTAs bridge the gap between the school and parents, in relation to events and fundraising. They are best known for their fundraising work, but they also have a social function. Fundraising events provide an opportunity for parents, staff and pupils to get together.

What is a formal committee?

A formal committee is a group of people elected for a specific function by a larger group and typically consisting of members of that group.

Every parent or carer, is automatically a member of the APPTA, but not of the formal Committee, unless they opt in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Some meetings will be an open invitation to all, but the monthly meetings will remain for the committee members only.