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Primary School

Headteacher's Welcome Letter

Monday 5th September 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

Head Teacher’s welcome for the new academic year- September 2016

I hope everyone has had a great summer holiday and we are all ready for the start of the new school year this month. Our teachers and support staff have started their home visits and have been undertaking all the necessary preparations to ensure that everything is ready for the arrival of our new pupils on Monday 12th September for the Stay and Play sessions. We are all looking forward to welcoming our pupils to the new school. Following the staggered intake we will have all our pupils in full time by the 23rd September.

We are all very excited to be opening the new Ashmole Primary School and cannot wait to get started in our brand new temporary building. The temporary building will house the two new Reception classes. Calypso class will be led by Miss Panayi with support from our Higher Learning Teaching Assistant Miss Beeston and Teaching Assistant Mrs Deniz. Orion class will be led by Miss Costas with support from our Higher Learning Teaching Assistant Mrs Petrou and Teaching Assistant Mrs Deniz. Our lunchtime support staff are Miss Walsh and Mrs Onyuma. Our staff also include Mrs Andrews (Admin Officer) who will be based in our new school office and Mrs Chown and Miss Gilding who are our Medical Welfare Officers. All our school staff have recently completed 12 hours of Paediatric First Aid training.

The temporary site incorporates the school office, the Head Teacher’s office, a group room/ medical room with toilets situated in the classroom areas and by the group room. We also have a spacious and secure outdoor area for the children to play and learn in.

The staff will be reminding parents of the admission arrangements set for the children this week as the children start school for the first time.

We will have many close links with the secondary school at Ashmole Academy over the years and this will be of huge benefit for the Primary School. We will have close links with the SEN/ Inclusion team, Finance Office, ICT technicians, Sports, Music and Languages Departments and the Site Manager.

We will be able to keep you all up to date with any relevant information via our website: as well as through our email and text service. The school office will be producing a monthly newsletter. Please ensure that your contact details are always up to date as all correspondence will be sent via email regularly. In the next few days you will have a provisional calendar for the whole school year outlining key events.

We look forward to seeing you all at Ashmole Primary School from the week commencing Monday 12th September 2016. Our new contact telephone number will be: 020 8362 8380. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our school office email is

Over the coming term the children will be placed in one of four ‘Houses’:

Yellow Diamonds; Red Rubies; Green Emeralds or Blue Sapphires. These balanced groups are to be set for the duration of the child’s time at Ashmole Primary School to support with team games, competitions and groupings for key events such as future sports days.

We fully understand that the Reception years are very important times for our children and we will endeavour to ensure that all the children have a successful and fun filled year where everyone will be very proud of all their achievements and overall progress.


Yours faithfully,

Mr Chris Tofallis
Ashmole Primary School